Descending into Darkness

Ascend into Darkness

So the darkness has fallen, Legates rule throughouth the known world. The free people are to afraid to act, those that did try where punished with the capital punishment for them and their family…

Still you feel drawn into an existence of rogues and travellers, the path of the outcast is the only way left. After months of careful planning you have found a group of likeminded individuals. While non of you truly trust each other, you feel there is no time left anymore. For a new Legate has been appointed to this region, one that made a name in the neighbouring province slaughtering entire townships for just a rumour.

A mysterious stranger left a message for you to be sent far away. Apparantly their are still pockets of the resistance left in this hope-forsaken lands. You have to act quickly for the new legate will arive soon and you have all decided to get away before your family can suspect anything..



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