Hunters Knives

A set of two masterwork throwing knives that originated amongst the few acrobats and artist that survive under the Lagates ruling

weapon (ranged)

Hunters Knives
-A set of Throwing knives with the following changes
-Range 15 feet
-Made of Swamp Steel
-When your character has the Exotic Weapon Feat: Hunters Knives your dexterity modifier is improved by 1.5 when throwing one or both of the Knives. In addition you may add your unmodified dexterity modifier while holding the knives with Intimidate and Diplomacy Checks (DM’s discretion)


Hunters Knives originate from amongst the few surviving street artist that still seem to thrive under the watchfull eyes of the Legates. Most users go through great efforts making sure these knives look worn and shady so not to attract unwanted attention from those serving the Legates.

Lately the River Folk seemed to have taken an interest in these weapon. For they are easily concealed withough any appearant features that might make the Legates (or their servants) attracted to these items.

While not available on the open (or black) market. Pairs of Hunters Knives are used as valuable trade materials amongst the River Folk. Sometimes they are given to those of great service to the River Folk

Hunters Knives

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