Swamp Steel

Swamp Steel is an Iron Alloy that is available through the black market


Swamp Steel has the same stats as normal steel, with only 75% of its hardness. One (some say positive) side effect is the fact that Swamp Steel keeps the appearance of a dull and rusty material. Though this has no effect on the material itself, instead it seems as though items made from Swamp Steel are actual protected againts weather (wear and tear) effects such as rust…

While not available on the open market. Swamp Steel might be available to those who are able to convice their worth to the cause. Be carefull though, for trust is non excisting and most find it wiser to get rid of those who ask to many questions…


First founded by the Halflings of the Old Quarter, Swamp Steel is quickly gaining fame as a replacement for Iron Ore by various Black Smiths and Armourers.

No one knows who found Swamp Steel, but at the moment it still held a secret against Isrador’s forces. Some Legates are following up clues and hints of this replacement metal. But so far the secret is kept save.

The biggest advantage of Swamp Steel is the lack of Mines, for the Ore needed can be found deep in some of the much avoided swamps. As long as those opposing Isrador’s rule can keep this excistence a secret there is hope for the struggling races.

Swamp Steel

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